Clip In Hair Extension

In the Clip-in-hair-extension method, small clips hold small strands of hair in place.  Applying for this extension only takes a few minutes. Depending on the material such as artificial hair or natural hair, we offer different options for eyelash extensions. Our clip-on hair extensions come in a variety of colors so you can experiment with different styles and looks. This extension is temporary, provides instant results, and is easy to use. It is cheaper than other extensions and hairdressers and makeup studios do not compromise on quality and satisfaction. This extension is recommended for women who want to change their hairstyle every day but are very busy.

If you want your hair extensions to look natural, your stylist will dye them in a way that does not make them look weird or unnatural to you or others. They are easy to use but need to be taken good care of because if they are not cared for properly they may not match your natural hair color and may look unnatural and wrong, importantly, they will not look good on you. As a result, it affects our brand. To avoid this, we only use the best tools and products. To ensure the highest quality extensions, we wash and sterilize every tuft of hair used in extensions.